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This is a header image for my art licensing page with a display of pieces mocked up on products.

Art Licensing Portfolio

For more information regarding licensing of art or special commissions, please contact



Birthday Illustration, perfect for greeting cards and other art licensing opportunities.
Cake for breakfast. Art licensing opportunities illustration and hand lettering design
Happy Birthday illustrations for greeting cards and other art licensing opportunities. Art collaborations.


December illustration, artwork for art licensing and creative design
Gift wrapping art work illustrated.
Winter christmas trees in the snow digital illustration and artwork.
Cute gingerbread artwork and illustration perfect for artwork or art licensing opportunites
christmas coffee cup illustration for artwork.
snowman in a snowglobe holding presents. Artwork perfect for christmas cards or art commission.
Christmas car filled with gifts and a christmas tree. Illustrated for a christmas line.
Santa mail illustration pattern. Repeating pattern perfect for gift wrapping or tissue paper.
Christmas tree and snow illustrated for greeting cards and other christmas material.
Christmas carousel horse. Perfect for a greeting card design and other illustration services.
Santa with is cookies and milk. Illustrated perfectly for greeting cards, artwork, home decor or other visual storytelling.
Chistmas quote perfect for greeting cards or other christmas decor.


Halloween illustration. Digital artwork, custom artwork, handlettering spooky lettering.
Wicked Sweet Tooth Halloween collection with candy and creepy hands. Custom drawn and personalized artwork.
Butterfly moth skull artistic craftsmenship and artistic collaboration digital illustration.
Custom lettering and custom illustration. Digital design illustration for halloween.
Celestial Halloween illustration and digital art. Cutsom Typography and digital illustration for visual storytelling.
Creepy witch illustration for halloween. Art licensing and art commissions and hand lettering.
Cute halloween digital illustration and custom artwork. Creative design and hand lettering.
Halloween repeating pattern design, illustration services and custom illustration.
Visual storytelling and illustration. Perfect for halloween print design.
Love | Valentines

Love | Valentine's Day

Love pride illustration and creative design. Graphic design and custom lettering and services.
Love logo illustrated and deisgned for pride. Art licensing opportunities as well as branding and creative direction.
Love vector art designed for artwork. Artistic expression and art design.
Valentines day artwork designed to highlight the zodiac signs. Perfect for art licensing and highlighted in a digital illustration.
Valentines day zodiac Pisces artwork and phrases illustrated for identity design. Artistic expression and open to artistic collaborations.
Valentines heart zodica illustration and hand lettering. Creative design and identity design.
Othe Holidays

Other Holidays

Fathers day artwork handlettered illustration for fathers day greeting cards or other holiday material.
Mexican artwork designed and illustrated by hand lettering and commissioned. Creative design and hand lettered illustration. Bright color palette and creative solution.
thanksgiving illustration food drawing and fall color palette. Holiday art licensing and creative design.
New Years illustration and hand lettering. Typography and print design to celebrate new years.
Spring | Summer

Spring | Summer

Girl illustration and summer visual storytelling and creative design.
Orange illustration digital artwork and illustrative branding and craftmanship
Summer ice cream illustration and color palette. Illustration services and typography.
Photo illustration design. Creative and illustrative visual storytelling.
Hand lettering and illustration design for peaches. Artistic solutions and digital artwork.
Tropical art pattern. Perfect for summer illustration and design on summer graphic design.
Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health illustration. Floral illustration, earth day illustration. Typography illustrated in a retro design.
Born perfect illustration design. Perfect for a childs bedroom or other home decor. Digital Illustration.
Retro and bright colored artwork. Digital design typography and art commission and hand lettered design.
Disney quote and illustration designed to promote mental health. Floral artwork supported by hand lettering and typography.
Mental health artwork, influencing to do your best. Digital illustration and visual color palette that is bright and fun.
Illustration and artwork designed to visual communicate mental health. Custom artwork and artistic craftsmanship.


Hand lettering and floral illustration. Perfect for art licensing and comunicating creative solutions for custom artwork.


Hello march a floral design hand lettered with illustrated foral design. Perfect for product design.
Wild and free artwork with greenery. Hand lettered and illustrated with a fox designed perfect for childrens artwork. Bright and fun colors perfect for a neutral design for children.
Bird of paradise flowers with a bright and fun sketched design in rainbow. Floral and plant illustration and design that is a digial drawing.
Illustration and hand lettering designed with a unique style. Floral details that are digital illustrations and art licensing and artistic craftsmanship.
Digital illustration of a pattern perfect creative artwork designed for a blanket, decor, or and creative design.
Floral illustration and design hand lettered custom lettering design.
Graphic design and floral artwork designed and hand lettered. Designed with a sleek color palette.


Ladybug and floral pattern designed with a neutral palette. Illustration and design that will compliment art licensing and art commissions.
Blue berry and butterfly pattern illustrated with the perfect balance of art direction. Art craftsmanship pattern.
Lemon artwork perfect for summer design pattern.Hand lettering and digital illustration.
Tropical art pattern. Perfect for summer illustration and design on summer graphic design.
Halloween repeating pattern design, illustration services and custom illustration.
christmas pattern that is also a cactus. designed or hand illustrated design for gift wrapping paper.
Santa mail illustration pattern. Repeating pattern perfect for gift wrapping or tissue paper.
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