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LA Times Magazine the Envelope design for the center fold article about the oscors. Alyssa hand lettered  the title and drop cap. Artistic collaboration between Alyssa and the art director at LA Times.
LA Times
Knots to Untangle

Services: Illustration & Hand-Lettering

Artwork of the alphabet collection of digital illustrated letters with the same themes throughout. Custom lettering work and artistic expression.
Personal Project
36 Days of Type
Instagram Challenge

Services: Illustration, Available for Art Licensing, Hand-Lettering

Graphic design and illustration done for downtown phoenix wayfinding artwork. Illustrations and color palette to bring the desert to the city.
RED Development
Retro Desert
CityScape Wayfinding

Services: Graphic Design, Illustration,

Layout designed and illustrated by Alyssa Ryann. All of the headings and titles hand drawn to bring visual storytelling through lettering.
Personal Project
Furbes Magazine

Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Layout, Hand-Lettering

vector and illustration for pride month representing love through color and design. Collection includes artistic craftsmanship and personal digital illustrations.
Personal Project
Love Pride

Services: Graphic Design, Hand-Lettering

Outdoor campaign graphic designed by Alyssa Ryann and artistic collaboration with art directors to visually tell the story of this companies mission.
UCP on Central AZ
Possibilities Realized Outdoor Campaign

Services: Graphic Design

Digital illustration for social media and to promote art licensing deals and other art commission opportunities.
Personal Project
Tiger Tiles

Services: Illustration, Available for Art Licensing, Hand-Lettering

Hand lettering and lettering composition created thorugh color palettes and creative solutions to combine both branding and purpose.
Personal Project
Alyssa Ryann Lettering

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Rebranding logo through hand lettering logo design vector and custom lettering. Branding and identity design to make the brand more cohesive.
Knoodle Agency
Knoodle Agency Rebranding

Services: Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Illustration and pattern design for christmas. Perfect and open for the chance to art license this drawing for packaging and gift wrapping.
Personal Project
Christmas Advent Calendar

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering

A collection of illustrations for merchandise for Alyssa Ryann shop highlighting both graphic design and illustration.
Personal Project
Pretty Ugly

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Apparel

Multi media lettering done with sprinkles and hand lettering usage of illustrative solutions and typography.
Personal Project

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Multi Media Lettering

Logo and packaging done to create a product for children through branding and identity design. Custom hand lettering for the logo design followed by illustrative branding.
Personal Project
Monster Mash

Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Logo design and branding identity design made to create packaging for three different salt flavors. Digital illustration along with typography selections.
Personal Project
Sally Sea Salt

Services: Illustration, Logo Creation, Branding, Graphic Design

Illustration and hand lettering for a social media post to promote art licensing and art commisions with custom lettering. Artistic expression thorugh the craft of the hands in the artwork
Personal Project

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Personal Project
Halloween: Wicked Sweet Tooth

Services: Illustration, Available for Art Licensing, Hand-Lettering

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