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CityScape Way-Finding and Murals

Client: RED Development

Services: Graphic Design, Illustration,Hand-Lettering

CityScape is located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. The client RED Development came to our agency (Knoodle) for a solution to help customers find their way around the construction that was going on in the area. This construction just so happened to be in the middle of the two CityScape buildings. RED Development needed several projects done, which included directional signs, an elevator wrap, floor sticker directionals, and murals that went along with the new branding. The design is based on the provided color palette from the client, retro graphics, and hand-drawn elements to represent Arizona. I had so much fun coming up with beautiful and practical solutions to this client’s requests. The best part was that the client loved the direction of the project and having my work be displayed on such a large scale was amazing.

Co-Designed with: Ivan Galaz and Ben Heimer

At Knoodle Advertising

Photography, graphic design, and illustration for wayfinding artwork at cityscape downtown phoenix.
A more clear look at the artwork and illustrations made for the elevator art for CityScape.
Photo opportunity for cityscape visitors to promote the location on social media. Gorilla marketing for selfie spots for cityscape.
Mural vynal design for cityscape to go along with the design of the elevator. Continuing with the retro and desert illustration.
Directional art work that is cohesive with the rest of the artwork and illustrations for cityscape wayfinding.
Mural for selfie spots around cityscape with the retro and cactus illustration.
Wayfinding floor stickers to help guests get around construction. Graphic designed by Alyssa and made to keep good with the other promotional artwork.
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