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Monster Mash

Client: Personal Project

Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Hand-Lettering

This was a project I was given in school, the challenge was to have an “adult” granola bar but make one strictly for children. I needed to make sure that the packaging looked enticing for children but also had the nutritional details for the parent buying the product. I decided to go with a monster theme for the granola bar and named it Monster Mash. By choosing a mono-chromatic color palette and creating a cute character, it was easy to bring this brand to life. Using the same branding I expanded the marketing onto a truck, a small billboard, a banner, and a teaser ad. These are made to be advertisements for the granola bar in front of grocery stores or schools, promoting this fun and healthy snack.

Branding and identitiy design sketch and illustrated the look of the overall packaging.
Signage design for promoting monster mash and branding for a packaging design with the color palette and logo work. Artistic expression through color choice and illustration.
Branding and identity design for the logo artwork for Monster Mash logo and packaging deisgn. Typography and graphic design built from hand lettering.
Poster design utilizing both illustration, photoshop and graphic design to create a teaser poster to the brand and the "new" granola bar for children.
Monster mash packaging design that was illustrated and made for packaging a childrens snack. Fun illustration and character paired with branding color palette and logo design.
Outdoor signage to promote the packaging design for monster mash along with a fun illustration about the monster wanting the strawberry. Print design perfect for outdoor signage like a bus stop.
illustration and branding made for gorilla marketing campaign to promote the design of the packaging for monster mash.
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