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Furbes Magazine

Client: Personal Project

Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Layout, Hand-Lettering

Furbes Magazine was a school project where we focused on grid layouts. This project was one of my favorites because it was the first project where I fell in love with hand lettering. This project is very special to me because it made me think about alternative approaches when it comes to design and to have more fun with the process of design. With the bright and fun colors, I was able to create a magazine dedicated to animals. The title is a play on words mocking “Forbes Magazine”.

Logo designed by Alyssa Ryann for Furbes Magazine which is also graphic designed and Illustrated by Alyssa for a palyful look to a pet magazine.
Cover design for the magazine with photoshop and illustrated hand lettering for the cover. Along with a fun color palette which goes with the center subjects look.
A designed sketch of the healine for the first pages of the magazine. Custom artwork to fit with the picture in the magazine.
A display of the first pages of the magazine with hand lettered titles and layout design to compliment the photos.
hand lettered illustrations and hand lettered titles that go with the images and texts that support the design.
Illustrated sketch of the title for the next pages of the magazine. Illustrated with wiskers tp match the picture of the cat. Hand lettered to bring interest and fun to the pages.
Layout of an artle graphic designed to fit with the images and how much text needed to be in the space.
Layout of the reptile page with lettering and flourishes that enhace the lettering and the images.
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