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Knoodle Advertising Rebranding

Agency: Knoodle

Services: Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Knoodle Advertising is an agency in Phoenix, AZ. While working at Knoodle the company took the opportunity to rebrand. As an agency, we all wanted to work at a place that was fun, quirky and had a good culture. The new branding reflects just that. The logo was a big part of rebranding Knoodle. The idea was to hand-letter the logo so that it was unique to the brand. I had the opportunity to put two of my passions together, Graphic Design and Hand-Lettering to create the logo. The logo inspired the rest of the branding, by utilizing a bright color palette and a “no rules” mentality (when it came to designing), we were able to create a bright new brand to be proud of.

Co-Designed with: Ivan Galaz and Ben Heimer

At Knoodle Advertising

Knoodle rebrand sketch and vector
knoodle rebrand merch design
knoodle rebrand stationary
knoodle rebrand illustrated stickers by Alyssa
Knoodle gradient design for a mural
knoodle mural designed by alyssa
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